Hi there, friend!

So glad you are here.

We are Oana and Tomaž, the Romanian-Slovenian couple behind Eastwest Images.

Not long ago, our lives took a surprising turn, starting a journey that led us to our dream of telling stories through photography and becoming wedding photographers.

It all began with Oana’s cool praying mantis photo and a shy message Tomaž wrote her. A few emails and a day-long train-ride later, Tomaž walked up the dark corridor of the station and met Oana. The lamp above flickered and everything changed.

The following week was one of our best, full of excitement and wonder. We realized how fleeting that time was, so we captured it in photos. Lots of them. Little slices of time to cherish forever.

We loved it, so we kept on documenting our time together. The places we visited, the things we saw and the people we met. Soon we were sharing a passion. A passion to capture and tell a meaningful story.

Now, we pour our hearts into bringing the joy of an exceptional visual record to all the lovely couples we work with. We are deeply dedicated and work tirelessly to create a set of sincere images that will keep bringing you back to the emotions of your wedding day for years to come.

Have a look around. If you like what you see and think we would make a good team, SAY HI. We would love to meet and get to know you.


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