Where are you located and will you travel internationally to photograph our wedding?

We are based in Slovenia and will gladly travel to your wedding destination, be it just around the corner or on the other side of the world.


How far in advance should we book you?

We treat all booking requests fairly on a first come first served basis. To make sure we will be available on the day of your wedding, it is best to book your date as soon as you set it.


Should we have an engagement session?

Definitely! We always encourage our couples to have an engagement session and get a sense of what’s to come at their wedding photo-session. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better and visit a place that might not be within reach on your wedding day. Since an engagement session usually lasts around 2 hours, you will have plenty of time to get even more comfortable in front of the camera. And it is a lot of fun too!


When will you arrive to our wedding and how long will you stay?

We’ll go over your wedding schedule and together figure out the best time for us to appear and to leave.


How much time do we need for our wedding photo-session?

The amount of time we need for your wedding photo-session depends closely on the number of locations you would like us to visit. The more time we’ll have, the more images you’ll get. Our suggestion and a good estimate is to schedule at least one hour.


We are camera-shy. How can you help out?

No need to worry! We are calm and laid-back people who work in a discreet manner, and apart of the wedding photo-session, you won’t notice our presence too much. We’ve even been told we are like a fly on the wall. To our camera-shy couples we warmly recommend doing an engagement session to get to know us, build up some confidence and see that it can be quite easy to relax in front of our cameras.


Will you take family group photos at our wedding?

We sure will! We take family portraits at every wedding we photograph. About a month before the big day, we’ll ask you to put together a list of all the group photos you’d like us to take, so that we make sure no one gets left out.


Do we need to offer you food and water during the wedding day?

You don’t have to, but it would be really great if you did. Because we’ll be there for you the entire day, we’ll have to take a short meal break at some point to get energy for photographing the rest of your day. Ideally, this happens at the reception, while your guests are having a meal too.


When are we going to see our photos?

We are very pleased with the photos we take for our couples and most of the time consider them suitable for our blog, so it’s very likely you’ll be able to see your photos in a story feature 4 to 6 weeks after the wedding. Around the same time, we’ll create also your private online gallery and your wedding DVD will be ready soon after.


How many images will we get? Do you edit all of them?

You will receive at least 600 individually edited images. There is no upper limit and the number of images we actually deliver is often a lot higher.


Can we share our wedding photos on Facebook and other social media networks?

Of course you can! We are very happy when we see our couples sharing their images online. The only thing we ask of you is to credit each uploaded photo with the link to our website.


Do you keep a back-up of our images?

Yes, we do. All your precious images will be backed-up to at least two separate drives immediately after the wedding.


Do you offer wedding albums?

Oh, we love albums! Head over to OUR ALBUM GALLERY to see a few examples of what we offer. They are high-quality digital photobooks that tell the story of your wedding day in the best possible way. You can choose between several formats and a wide variety of covers. The technology and materials used come from Italy, the world leader in digital album printing.


Who selects the images for our album?

That would be us! It’s a step we enjoy immensely. We select the images carefully and custom design each page individually, so that your wedding photobook not only looks absolutely amazing, but also tells the story of your day the very way it unfolded.


How many images make a great story-telling wedding album?

For a 40-page album we usually select around 100 key images that tell the complete story of the day in a chronological fashion. If your wedding turns out to be particularly eventful and 40 pages aren’t enough, we’ll be glad to design for you a 60-page album.


Can we see the layout of our album before you send it to print?

Of course. After we complete designing your album, you’ll be able to preview all the pages online. We won’t send the album to print until we receive your final confirmation.


When will we get our album?

We will deliver the album to you 6 to 8 weeks after we receive the final confirmation of the layouts.


Do you charge a transportation and accommodation fee?

Because distances and accomodation fees vary, we calculate these rates separately considering the actual location of your wedding.


We would like you to photograph our wedding. What now?

And we would love to be there for you! Please USE THIS FORM to get in touch with us. Let’s make this adventure happen!