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Anita & Stanislav

We are totally thrilled with the photos and are of course receiving only praises! You captured our day exactly as we experienced it – relaxed, cheerful, fun. We like especially all the details that many, most likely, haven’t even noticed, but you included them so nicely into our wedding story and made it complete! We find your friendly and prompt approach truly unique. You also bring luck, since the two weekends when you photographed weddings here, in Bela krajina, were the only sunny and warm ones. We couldn’t be more satisfied with your work and we are gladly sending out recommendations.

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Urša & Blaž

What a beautiful surprise – we returned from our vacation and the photos were waiting for us! There are so many and they are amazing! Our friends and relatives love them too, so it’s really easy to recommend you to anyone who’s getting married. There is no risk in working with you two. We liked how well you blended with the environment and how relaxed our guests were next to you. If we were getting married once more, we would definitely want to have you at our wedding again. Oana and Tomaž, thank you for everything. You’re great!

Vesna & Edwin

poročni fotograf

We were mostly concerned with the quality of the photographs and the style of the photographers. We wanted to find someone who offers high quality photos that are not taken in a standard way.

We were immediately taken aback by the quality and consistency of your photos on the website. We compared around 30 different photographers, and you were honestly the best and most consistent. We also loved that the people on your photos looked alive and that you really justly represented such a wonderful occasion as a wedding. And not just in one album, but all of them.

We were really happy that you are both such open and lovable people. We knew the first time we met you in Maribor that we had made the right decision and that you would not let us down. Your friendly nature and positive attitude were and still are greatly appreciated. You listened to our wishes and answered all our questions. On the day itself, you showed everyone what professional photographers should be like – you were not intrusive, yet present all the time and you really gave it all you had. Even though you must have been very tired, you were in good spirits till the end of the day. Last but not least, the photos you delivered are excellent! We loved every minute of working with you. It was a very positive experience and the result of your work really makes the memories of our wedding complete.

We would like to thank you again for all your hard work and for the amazing photos. You really were the best choice we could have made. If you like their photos, go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

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Mirjana & Matej

Oana and Tomaž, thank you for the wonderful pictures! We had tears trickling down our cheeks while looking through them. There are no words to describe what we felt. We are delighted with the images and can relive our happy moments through them again and again now. Everyone is amazed by your work, so hats off! Thank you for listening to our wishes! Thank you for the great ideas and finally a big THANK YOU from our hearts for wonderfully capturing our moments. Stay as great as you are! You’re phenomenal!

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Kristina & Nejc

Thank you very much for the package! The photos are amazing, the album is beautiful! Thank you for all the small surprises in there too! It was a pleasure to have such pleasant photographers! The photos are truly wonderful and your kindness and attentiveness makes you special and unforgettable. We are happily recommending you to our friends, so we are sure we’ll meet again at a one of the weddings you’ll photograph.

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Ioana & Cosmin

We would like to thank you both for the wonderful photos that you took. We are absolutely delighted with them! We really appreciate the attention and sensitivity that you showed towards all the moments of our wedding. So, thank you! You are real artists! I hope we can say we found ourselves some new friends in you!

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Anamarija & Matjaž

Wow, wow, wow! Thanks a million times for such an awesome wedding album! And for the photos! And your attention! The photos are PHENOMENAL! Thank you, thank you so much! After we had sent the link to our friends and relatives yesterday, we received calls and messages saying how much our wedding photographers rule! Our hearts began to sing and we had to look through all the photos again. They are truly different and one can’t get enough of them. And the cover of the album! A total win!

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Urška & Andrej

The photos are wonderful, we are truly touched. Our wedding guests can’t stop admiring them either. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Your email arrived just when we were talking about your photos, we just can’t get enough looking through them. Each time we discover something new. You really outdid yourself. The details, the captured moments, well thought-out positioning of the photos in the wedding album, all present our day beautifully. It really is like being there again and watching the moments unfold. Thank you once again!

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Mihaela & Boštjan

We realized even before we started planning our wedding that selecting the right wedding photographer will be one of the most difficult and most important tasks. Because we wanted our wedding photos to be perfect, the wedding photographer had to be perfect too, so we searched for the right one systematically. We inquired through a web portal and received over 50 offers from professional wedding photographers. We quickly filtered many of them, since their offers didn’t include the flexibility we were searching for. But one of the offers stood out and it caught our attention. In contrast to all the other offers, it was written very personal, friendly, simple. It said that we can discuss anything, so we knew that the photographers who wrote it are willing to listen to us and our wishes. And this was the most important to us: adaptability. We were searching for one photographer and got two: Oana and Tomaž. We looked through their site, which at that time showcased only one Romanian wedding. We didn’t mind that, because we were amazed by the photos of a young couple Bianca and Tudor, so we decided for them nevertheless. We wanted such photos too!

We were a little concerned how the photographers will respond to the unknown environment, but our doubts and worries disappeared already at the engagement session, when we met. By the way, this is one of the benefits of working with Eastwest Images. Oana and Tomaž want to establish a personal connection already before the big event that they’re going to photograph. This way they get to know the couple better, feel their energy and take a few “test” photos, all of which leads eventually to better wedding coverage. Besides that, they complement each other perfectly, so it’s almost impossible they’ll miss a moment. Many of the scenes in the photos surprised us. They really notice everything. Oana and Tomaž are pleasant to talk to, full of youthful energy and artistic inspiration. We hit it off immediately. Meeting both of them and filling out their wedding questionnaire inspired us complete trust and faith in their ability to photograph our wedding in the best way possible.

We were thrilled with the first few photos we saw during our reception and couldn’t wait for the final set, which was sensational. What really surprised us is the sheer number of positive comments we received from our guests and acquaintances, who were all wondering where we found the photographers and where they’re coming from. Every single one of them was amazed. We were even contacted by complete strangers who saw our photos on the blog and wanted to hear first-hand Eastwest Images experience. We will still get, even after all this time, an occasional message asking about our opinion and we are happy to share it. This overwhelming response assures us that we made the right choice and makes us proud that people like our wedding photos so much.

We got far more than just wedding photographers, which is hard to put in words. We got to know two wonderful people that give their hearts to what they do and to the people they work with. Not a single detail escapes them and they direct all their effort in the satisfaction of the couple. The little surprises that keep appearing long after the “wedding collaboration” is over point out that we weren’t just another “client” to them. We would warmly recommend Eastwest Images to all the couples searching for a wedding photographer. You won’t be sorry!

We were searching for wedding photographers, but we found friends.